Cam Newton Responds To Woman Who Called Him ‘Trash’ Because his Girlfriend Admits Being Submissive

Cam Newton Responds To Woman Who Called Him ‘Trash’ Because his Girlfriend Admits Being Submissive

NFL Quarterback Cam Newton used to make news with impressive football plays while he was performing on the football field. Lately, it’s his antics off the field that has him in the media these days.

From vaccination status, then making sexist comments to admitting previous relationship mistakes, Newton isn’t even making noise about where he may be playing next season. The current free agent was recently caught up on social media after responding to someone who called him out as “trash” for his current rumored girlfriend admitting that she likes being submissive.

An Instagram user who goes by the name, Judaea, listed under judaeaunscripted89 was giving commentary on her thoughts on Jasmine Brown, who is a comedian and goes by “Jazzy” and is rumored to be seeing Newton. In a recent episode of author Shan Boodram‘s @loversandfriendspodcast starring @watchjazzy “I Baby My Man, & It Works For Us”, Jazzy speaks on how she enjoys submitting to her man. 


The above interview caused a reaction in Judaea that she responds to in detail on her Instagram page.

“So, before I say my piece. Please understand I know that Cam Newton is trash, I warned y’all a long time ago that he was. But as usual when you see a “Black Love” relationship, all the trash shit about the man goes out the window because he is with a black woman. So, please don’t Comment with the “he is trash” WE KNOW!! You the one late to the party.”

Newton did take the time to respond to her comments, but as it appears, the comment was deleted from her page. Rolling Out was able to disclose the comment he did leave.

“I can accept me being trash THANK YOU; that will uplift me I HOPE YOUR BLOG SUCCEEDS AS I SEE IT IS DOING VERY WELL, so far … nevertheless I feel as if you can use your platform to bring sunshine to someone RATHER than more RAIN (there are HELLA blogs already tearing down people daily) … hey, but what do I know IM TRASH.”


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