Deion Sanders Re-Ups With Nike After Vowing to 'Never' Work With Them Again

Deion Sanders Re-Ups With Nike After Vowing to ‘Never’ Work With Them Again

Back together again!

Sports legend and current University of Colorado football coach, Deion Sanders has signed back on with clothing apparel giant, Nike. The former reality TV star made an announcement on his Instagram account last week alerting his audience that he is back with Nike.


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The latest news confirms that Sanders’ relationship with Under Amour has ended after being involved with the company since 2009, according to USA Today.

In a written statement to the media outlet, Under Armour said, “Under Armour had a longstanding partnership with Deion Sanders for more than a decade and we are proud of what we accomplished together. Now that he has gone on to Colorado, we can’t wait to see him continue to positively impact the game and look forward to watching him find continued success with his new partners, athletes, and expanded communities. “

The school that Sanders now coaches at has an exclusive contract with Nike that has been in place since 1995. In the contract that the former NFL great signed, he is required, as coach of the football team to wear Nike gear supplied by the sneaker company.

As a football player, Sanders was contractually committed to Nike in 1992, getting his own signature shoe as well. Nike Air Diamond Turf debuted in 1993 according to Complex.  There were follow-up versions of the original in later years. The Air Diamond Turf 2 came out in 1994, the Diamond Turf Max ’96 was released two years later. In 1997, the Air Diamond Turf 4 went on sale and then the last in the series, the Air Diamond Turf 5 made its debut in 1998.

They parted ways in later years as Sanders stated that he wasn’t properly compensated for designing his own shoe. In 2017, Sanders expressed disappointment in Nike for that and vowed to never work with them again. “We created these together, but they don’t want to seed me, they don’t want to direct deposit.” Now, he is back in the fold, hopefully on a deal that makes up for the bitter feelings he had toward the company.

Deion Sanders Re-Ups With Nike After Vowing to ‘Never’ Work With Them Again

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