It Needs to BE CED: The Demoralization of Modern Society

It Needs to BE CED: The Demoralization of Modern Society

It Needs to BE CED: The Demoralization of Modern SocietyIt seems that ignorance is so overwhelmingly the standard these days that people who operate with good morals get chastised. Websites, television shows and magazines cater to the ills of society to a point where you are hard pressed to find a good entertainment property that focuses on moralistic values. Now, I’m not saying they are not out there, I’m just saying it’s not among the popular ones.

I have discussions with people on how to gain bigger traffic numbers and obtain a wider audience and it’s like everyone is reading from the same script. ‘CED, you have to cover the ratchetness that brings views to the site!’ Sorry, that will never happen! First, there are TOO many sites and publications taking care of that as I type and I am quite sure more are heading our way. We get painted with a broad brush of ignorance so much that, it seems that anything positive or enlightening is considered boring or bland. I’ve worked for properties that built their foundation on anything BUT ignorance, yet, as times change, they feel, instead of improving what they have already built to appeal to a more modern audience, they choose to lower themselves to the level that they start incorporating the same bullshit they’ve fought against for years.

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I’m not even gonna approach the state of what is labeled journalism these days and the type of ‘news’ being reported.

If we continue to showcase the ills of society more often than what is morally correct, we can’t be mad in 20 years when being positive becomes non-existent. What was considered bad behavior 20 years ago is now considered an asset when it comes to television, entertainment and even politics!! There are more celebrities without a moral code than actual people with talent these days. We are walking a very fine line showing our children that in order to become financially successful, we don’t have to have talent or be intelligent, all we have to do is show our ignorance and watch the money flow in!!!

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