SiriusXM UrbanView Host Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire Presents Wellness Warriors Weekend Webinar

SiriusXM UrbanView Host Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire Presents Wellness Warriors Weekend Webinar

Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire, Host of SiriusXM UrbanView Sunday program “ASK THE GOOD DOCTOR” will present the “WELLNESS WARRIORS WEEKEND WEBINAR” June 25-27, 2020 featuring 12 FREE Sessions with Good Doctors, Experts, and Public Health Pioneers sponsored by ValAsta, Magnetude Jewelry, Hair Tonic & Foot Exodus and Renewing Your Mind Ink.

Dr. Brookshire states, “Although our annual Wellness Warriors Weekend in Vermont was canceled, I felt it was important to hold the event virtually to disseminate this vital, life-saving information because our nation needs a balm for healing of the Mind, Body & Spirit…and we need it now.”

The powerful line-up of speakers include Debra Fraser-Howze (Public Health Pioneer), Sylvia K. Alston (Risk Manager/Host of SiriusXMs “Next Nation”), Dr. Vikki Johnson (Soul Wealth), Dr. Wilma Hunt-Watts (Podiatrist), Dr. Sam Shepherd (Scientist), Dr. Tracey Diner (Wellness Doctor), Dr. Shantella Sherman (Eugenics Expert), Dr. Tammara Combs-Williams (Toxin Elimination),  August Brice (TechWellness) Debra Montgomery-Esposito (Story Coach) and Karen Taylor-Bass (The PR Yogi).

All of subject matters presented are essential to our life-force and the restoration of humanity:

  • Heal physically from COVID
  • Prevent COVID
  • Understand and Counteract the negative impact of EMFs & 5G
  • Attain Perfect Health
  • Cook Healthy Meals at Home
  • And…Heal from the Trauma of repeatedly seeing un-armed Black people killed.

The weekend will also be filled with Giveaways daily including everything from Healthy Supplement & Product Samples, Books, Non-Toxic Make-up, Free Consultations, Virtual Vendors and an interactive cooking lesson with a recipe from Dr. Brookshire’s new book release KITCHEN WARRIORS 101: Homemade Healthy and much more!

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Brookshire holds many Free Events as a commitment to helping to heal to the masses. The popular 1-hour weekly show “Ask The Good Doctor”, boasting 4 Million listeners, airs Sundays at 8am & 4pm EST features Holistic Healers & Helpers to conquer issues of the Mind, Body & Spirit and topics which affect the Human Condition.

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