Marshawn Lynch Admits As A Rookie, He ‘Walked Around’ With $3M Signing Bonus

Marshawn Lynch Admits As a Rookie, He ‘Walked Around’ With $3M Signing Bonus

Former NFL great, Marshawn Lynch recently admitted to ESPN sportscaster, Shannon Sharpe that he was so oblivious to money that he walked around with his $3 million signing bonus check for almost three weeks as a rookie.

The admission was made on Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast which was released on Oct. 4. The former Super Bowl Champion, who is also on ESPN‘s First Take show with Stephen A. Smith was talking about finances with Lynch. He mentioned that, as a rookie when he signed with the Buffalo Bills, the first check he received, he didn’t place it in the bank because he didn’t know about about banks at the time.

“Realistically I walked around with my uh, with my signing bonus on me for at least, like three weeks. I had my signing bonus on me. Because I ain’t know nothing about no banks and all that kind of s**t like that.”

He goes on to explain having a conversation with a financial advisor about what to do with his money. He had a technique to separate the money he made playing on the field and the money he earned off it as he used two different advisors for his finances.

So, he like, Marshawn it’ll probably be good, uh you know if you have somebody help you about your money this, that and a third. Well, I know another financial advisor that I talked to that I pretty I’m like shit, well I’ma just have one over here and I’ll give all of my money that I make off the field, I just put it over here and the money that I make on the field I’ll put it over here.”

He goes on to tell Sharpe that it worked well for him with that method. If he had any questions about his money, he had two sources who were taking care of it for him. His off-the-field accountant and his on-the-field money advisor.

The Sports Rush has reported that although Lynch no longer plays, he still makes $5 million a year in endorsements.

Marshawn Lynch Admits As a Rookie, He ‘Walked Around’ With $3M Signing Bonus

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