Inside The CIA's Secret War In Jamaica

Inside The CIA’s Secret War In Jamaica

insidetheciassecretwarinjamaicaRapper, technologist and journalist, Casey Gane-McCalla has released his first book, “Inside The CIA’s Secret War In Jamaica.” The book tells the untold story of the CIA’s 1976 campaign to overthrow Democratic Socialist President, Michael Manley through propaganda, economic sabotage and political violence. The book sheds light on the CIA’s involvement in the 1976 assassination attempt on Bob Marley and their involvement with the cocaine trade through the notorious Jamaican Shower Posse.

In order to paint a full picture of the CIA’s activities in Jamaica, Casey tells the history of both Jamaica and of the CIA. From pirates and rebel slaves, to colonialism, independence to neocolonialism and being caught in the crossfire of the Cold War, Casey reveals a history of Jamaica that not many people are aware of. He also goes in to the history of the CIA and it’s war with Cuba, the Bay Of Pigs, the JFK assassination, Watergate and Iran Contra.

Fans of Marlon James brilliant book “A Brief History Of Seven Killings” will be intrigued to find the true stories and characters who inspired the book and anyone with an interest in the CIA, gangsters, Jamaica or reggae music will not be able to put the book down.

Although this is Casey Gane-Mcbcalla’s first book, as a musician he was the subject of a chapter in the scholarly book “Post Soul Satire: Black Identity After Civil Rights,” and has contributed to the book “How To Rap” and wrote an essay for the upcoming Macmillan college textbook “Intersections.”

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