The 5Ws: Raygrid Calderon

The 5Ws: Raygrid Calderon

Originally published on The Industry Cosign March 2, 2015

Who: Raygrid Calderon

What: DreemKaCHer ECLECTIC & DreemKaCHer the App

Why: The app is a tool for entrepreneurs, musicians, students & those seeking for unconventional services that aren’t readily available on other platforms. It provides a “Dreemer” to create a profile to keep in the database for “KaCHers” to search or they can create their interactive profile to share with anyone with a smartphone. My company then serves by giving information & tips to help people start their business & help inspire & motivate those seeking progression to keep going.

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Where: You can find our app DREEMKACHER at The Apple App Store & Soon on Google Play

When: We launched late March 2013 & we’re relaunching under new development later this year.

Title: CEO

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