Offset Turned $245K Into $700M When He Listened To His Mother About An Investment

Offset Turned $245K Into $700M When He Listened To His Mother About An Investment

In a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe and his Club Shay Shay podcast, former Migos member, Offset disclosed that an investment he made with $245,000 brought him back $700 million.

Offset is the latest person to sit down with the NFL Hall of Famer and Sharpe asks him about his investments and questions the rapper about how he delegates where his money goes. As he goes into the conversation about this great investment he made, he admits to Sharpe that he has never spoken about it publicly and he says he can’t talk about it. Yet, he then tells the former athlete that his investment has to do with the avatars on his phone. He proceeds to credit his mother for getting him involved in the investment.

“I had actually listened to my momma to this. So the dude was here in LA in Chinatown and he was working out of his little apartment. She brought me to his apartment. And then, He needed like $245,000 and now I can show you an article where it’s up to like $700 million.”

Because he stated that he was unable to discuss that particular investment, Sharpe then shifted to asking the “Bad and Boujee” rapper about what he had learned about the business of hip-hop.

“Knowledge is key and you can’t blame the system cause the system going to keep going, so what you got to do like I did. You got to adjust to the system, get the learning what. Ask questions like I’m asking questions.”

He then said that when he first got into the music game, he didn’t really ask questions and just accepted what he was given without knowing what he would have to do to earn it. He didn’t understand because he never read the terms of what he would have to do to get that money. But, now, that’s changed.

“I feel like if you build with your lawyer like I talk to my lawyer, day-to-day. When I’m asking  questions and he knows like I’mma ask this question and I need you to break it down, into a way that I can understand, so I understand what I’m signing up to cause I’ve been a dumb artist before just signing because they get you with the money.”

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