Charles Hamilton Produces ManKind’s 8-Bit Genesis Album

Charles Hamilton Produces ManKind’s 8-Bit Genesis Album

Charles Hamilton Produces ManKind’s

8-Bit Genesis Album


Set Incorporates Sega Genesis-Inspired Sound Effects and Song Titles

See Visual Album Created With MVGEN Website Tool

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Charles Hamilton and ManKind members SciryL and !LLumiN@TE have teamed up to produce one of the year’s most creative and engaging concept albums — 8-Bit Genesis. They used the music video generator startup MVGEN to create a visual album for Hamilton’s Sega Genesis-inspired production and ManKind’s love story narrative that incorporates video game characters and messages about faith.


The song titles are named after popular 1990s video games including “Mortal Kombat,” “Tomb Raider,” and “Double Dragons.” Hamilton came up with the album’s sound while experimenting with 8-bit effects. “One night, SciryL and I were brainstorming on some beats I sent him, and he and I came up with the concept of 8-Bit Genesis,” the Harlem-based artist says.


!LLumiN@TE explains how the storyline evolved. “Once we came up with the title, we decided to use religion and video games as the backdrop for a love story,” he says. “The project is also a metaphor for ManKind’s relationship with God as we often choose to look externally for things that can only truly be found internally.”


The songs transcend video game concepts. “Streets of Rage” champions the Black Lives Matter movement. On “Zelda,” the MCs ponder how a relationship might be impacted by one partner’s new found faith. “Contra” addresses the drug game.


!LLumiN@TE says it was easy to infuse the video game elements into the album’s theme. “As artists, we naturally see a multitude of layers in all that we do,” he says. “Plus, we both grew up playing these video games, so, in a sense, we already had years of research to work with.”


ManKind released their last album, Election Year, in July. On Friday, Hamilton’s Red Bull TV documentary, Let It PlayFaltlines: The Charles Hamilton Story, debuts and his Republic Records’ album, Hamilton, Charles, drops on Dec. 9.


ManKind X Charles Hamilton: 8-Bit Genesis tracklisting


  1. Pilot Wings [The Fall]
  2. Tomb Raider [The Ledge]
  3. Coins and Rings (ft. REG)
  4. Mega Man (ft. Charles Hamilton)
  5. Double Dragons
  6. Streets of Rage
  7. Contra (ft. The I.S.A)
  8. Mortal Kombat (ft. Yung Nate)
  9. Zelda [Missing Link] (ft. Ari Jay)
  10. Lara Croft [UnHoly Matrimony]
  11. Final Fantasy
  12. Special Move (ft. diaz!)
  13. Reset Button


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