Bun B’s Trill Burgers Is Good Morning America’s Best Burger in America

Score another one for Hip-Hop!!!

Hip-Hop artists have branched off to be successful entrepreneurs and Houston rapper Bernard Freeman, who is known to us as Bun B is indeed one of them. The UGK rapper and businessman has just won Good Morning America’s Best Burger in the United States!

Last week on Friday morning, in Times Square in New York City, Bun B’s Trill Burgers won the title of the best burger in America on Good Morning America’s “United States of Burgers” competition.

“It’s so surreal that it doesn’t make sense,” Bun B said after winning the competition on live TV. “To be in Times Square having won the best burger in America live on Good Morning America, it’s not even in the realm of things that we would have imagined for this brand. We just wanted to put in hard work and be justified for what we did, and today we got the ultimate validation. I can’t wait to bring this burger to America.”

Bun B, who was at the competition with Trill Burgers chef Mike Pham, took on other food contenders on national TV against Lucky’s Last Chance of Philadelphia, The Companion of Atlanta and Babe’s Meat & Counter of Miami. Judging the “United Burgers of Burgers” were celebrity chef Gina Neely, former NFL star Tiki Barber, former NBA star Jalen Rose, WWE wrestler Titus O’Neil and ABC’s Sam Champion.

Trill Burgers won by getting three out of the five votes. They received votes from Neely, Rose and O’Neil. Along with bringing home the Golden Burger Trophy and Trill Burgers was also awarded a $10,000 prize.

Bun B and Trill Burgers will be back in New York City for the Rock The Bells music festival taking place on Aug. 6 in Queens, N.Y. At the festival, they will be serving its signature beef and vegan smashburgers inside the Trill Mealz Hip-Hop Food Court, which will be curated by Bun B.

Trill Burgers will soon be announcing the next Houston pop-up with plans for a brick-and-mortar location in Houston.

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