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Video Of A Disheveled Keith Murray Emerges Has Hip-Hop Fans Concerned For New York Rapper

In a video that was purportedly taken several years ago, a “fan” caught former Def Squad (a rap crew that consisted of Erick Sermon, Redman, Keith Murray, and Hurricane G) rapper, Keith Murray being filmed looking disheveled in front of, what looks like a motel. In the clip, which was posted on TikTok recently, the person filming it is heard asking Murray if he wanted $20 and if he would rap for her to get it.

In a TikTok video that may have been taken down by a user with the handle of @Madelineclopez1, Murray is seen standing outside a motel room when the person filming approaches him. She says, “Look who it is. It’s Keith Murray.” As he tries to hide his face, he questions her on why she is filming him. She responded, “Because you’re famous and cool.” She then asked the “Get Lifted” rapper if he wanted money and offered him $20 to record him.

After people on social media sites blasted the poster amid concern for Murray and hip-hop fans alike, his manager, Antwone “APthatGuy” Payne, in a statement to admitted that it was Murray in the video but stated that it was old footage from several years ago.

“First and foremost we would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that reached out. Yes, indeed, that footage does depict Keith Murray from several years back, during a challenging period where he was unfortunately taken advantage of. Let this video serve as a stark reminder of the dangers and vulnerabilities associated with drug use.”

He expressed that Murray is doing better and that he is committed to “his journey of sobriety.”

“However, that was then, and this is now! We’re ecstatic to share that Keith Murray is now and has been for years in a completely different space—vibrant, healthy, and firmly committed to his journey of sobriety. It’s truly remarkable to witness his transformation!”


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He also stated that new music and live performances are coming our way soon.

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