Lecrae 'I Still Believe'

Lecrae ‘I Still Believe’

Lecrae Releases New Single “I Still Believe” ft. for KING & COUNTRY following Two GRAMMY Wins


March 1st, 2024 (Atlanta, GA), Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae has once again captivated audiences with his latest release, “I Still Believe,” featuring his good friends and the acclaimed australian pop-singer duo for KING & COUNTRY. Following Lecrae’s monumental success at the 2024 Grammy Awards, securing two Grammy wins for his latest album “Church Clothes 4” and his single with Tasha Cobbs Leonard “Your Power,” “I Still Believe” is a poignant anthem that resonates with themes of resilience, hope, and unwavering faith in the face of adversity.

Stream “I Still Believe” ft. for KING & COUNTRY HERE!

Lecrae, known for his groundbreaking contributions to the hip-hop and Christian music scenes, continues to push artistic boundaries with “I Still Believe.” His ability to seamlessly blend genres and deliver impactful messages has earned him widespread acclaim and a dedicated global fanbase.The track showcases Lecrae’s signature lyrical depth and dynamic delivery. for KING & COUNTRY, comprised of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, bring their distinctive sound and unparalleled vocal prowess to “I Still Believe.” With a string of hits and multiple awards to their name, the duo adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to this collaboration.

Together, they craft a musical masterpiece that speaks directly to the human spirit. This single not only showcases their exceptional talent but also reaffirms their commitment to creating music that inspires, uplifts, and connects with listeners on a profound level.

Nearly a decade after the release of Lecrae’s breakout album, “Anomaly,” in which he received a Grammy for his single “Messengers” also ft. for KING & COUNTRY, Lecrae is now speaking from a place of experience and hope. Over the course of that time, he has engaged and documented the complexities of his belief in God through his music as well as publicly online. Most recently with his GRAMMY-winning album “Church Clothes 4,” Lecrae’s heart wrenching and passionate delivery on his track, “Deconstruction,” summarizes his journey of doubt leading to a deep depression and ultimately being called back to his God given purpose over a beautiful and impactful vocal sample uttering, “you can still find your way back home. you’re never too far gone.”

Ten years, six albums and many trials after the beginning of that journey, Lecrae makes the statement with his latest single that despite all he’s gone through, he still believes God is his Lord & Savior and that he exists to ultimately bring Him glory. “Purpose is not something that you can conjure up, It is given to you. After everything I’ve been through, I still believe that purpose is found in God. I hope that people can see my story, relate and find hope. Healing is not something that can happen over night, but it can happen and I am an example of that,” says Lecrae.

A journey that would leave most people scared and resistant, has led Lecrae to a further connection and belief in God that he believes is available to everyone. “I Still Believe” is a reminder for people also struggling and dealing with doubt that God is here, He is good, and He is for you.

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