Learn How to Finish!! – Daily Word

Learn How to Finish!! – Daily Word

Learn How to Finish!! – Daily Word

By Ash Cash

Happy Friday my completers of important task! Welcome to the end of a wonderful week and the beginning of the rest of your life! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to finishing what you start! Imagine you had dreams of being a big recording artist! You work day in and day out to get your music heard and pray for the day that people pay attention so you can conquer the big stage! That day comes when you begin to get a lot notoriety but instead of continuing to put your best foot forward you get comfortable and drop the ball before you can even complete your goal… Or what about if you were a boxer looking for that prize fight, you finally do all that you need to do to get the fight of your career but when you do, instead of training you go out and celebrate that you got the fight! How ridiculous is that? Make sure that on your journey towards greatness you don’t get so caught up in the small wins that you forget to follow through! The journey will have many pit stops, just make sure you don’t put the car in park! Keep pushing, Keep striving, and keep putting in work until you get your end result! Getting past the first level doesn’t mean the game is won! Its alright to celebrate your small accomplishments but by no means should you ever forget to…….
-Ash’Cash (@IamAshCash)

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“We rate ability in men by what they finish, not by what they attempt”

“There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on”
-Robert Byrne

“Getting your foot in the door is the first step but you must follow through after that.”

“Those who are blessed with the most talent don’t necessarily outperform everyone else. It’s the people who finish the job that excel.”
-Mary Kay Ash

“You my friend, can achieve any dreams you want, if you follow through. Find something you REALLY love, work with it & I guarantee you, you will finish it like no other.”
-Kristen Farah

“The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice. Make wise decisions daily, follow through, and the results will be promising!”

“When you have a great and difficult task, something perhaps almost impossible, if you only work a little at a time, every day a little, suddenly the work will finish itself.”
-Isak Dinesen

“I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through – then follow through.”
-Edward Rickenbacker


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