Killer Mike Offers to Assist 'Mentally Disturbed White Man' Who Vandalized his Atlanta Barbershop

Killer Mike Offers to Assist ‘Mentally Disturbed White Man’ Who Vandalized his Atlanta Barbershop

After his barbershop was vandalized by a mentally disturbed white man in Atlanta, Run The Jewels group member, Killer Mike actually offered to help the man if anyone can identify him.

Killer Mike, a recording artist who is very vocal when it comes to supporting and enhancing Black entrepreneurship, especially within the community, posted a message on his Instagram account. He described his place of business being vandalized but used the moment to encourage others to “check on your mentally ill loved ones.

“A mentally disturbed White Man who Calls him self “Druce Wayne” did this to our Shop downtown. He lives in the delusion he is Kurt Cobain and somehow i am involved in a conspiracy to keep him silenced. I am angry and beyond upset. With that said I know I can fix this physical damage BUT this man’s mind is terribly broken. If u are from OKC and know his family or friends please DM so u can get him some help. I will for sure make sure we get this fixed and I encourage all to check on your mentally ill loved ones because the world my not be as understanding as me. Love and Respect. Thank “Kinfolks” of Edgewood for making sure we know the real deal. Swipe to see the signature he left and his face. No worries #TheSWAGshop will be ok and Happy Kwanzaa to ya’ll!”


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Although there was no new music from Run The Jewels this calendar year, the frontman for the group has been busy. He is in the midst of launching a Black and Latinx-owned digital banking platform named Greenwood. Originally slated to debut earlier this year, he and Greenwood’s other co-founder, Ryan Glover, told CNN Business that the platform’s early 2021 launch date was pushed back to July due to a higher than anticipated demand after its website debuted the previous October.

The second delay, much like the first, was to ensure the platform can handle the increasing amount of customers and traffic on its site when it debuts. Greenwood has shifted its focus from obtaining customers to rolling out services to those who’ve signed up for the platform.

He also has another partnership with another popular Atlanta rapper and businessman, T.I.  Earlier this month, it was reported that they have officially requested all the necessary permits to begin work on the renovation of an Atlanta culinary and community staple, Bankhead Seafood.

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