Jim Jones Plans To Make Lue Cognac And Jade Sparkling Wine Household Names With Latest Partnership

Harlem USA, based in New York City, has been known for the hustling mentality of the people who inhabit the area through the years. From the jazz-infused days of the 50s and 60s until the current days when many hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs have come out of the small area. A crew from the area, Children of the Corn, which featured hip-hop artists, Cam’ron, Ma$e, Big L, Herb McGruff, and Bloodshed started making noise and made it known that others from that section of the city could do things. When Cam’ron exploded onto the scene, he brought a crew named The Diplomats AKA Dipset featuring homeboys Freeky Zekey, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones. With an unexpected breakout hit, “We Fly High” solidified Jones’ entry into hip-hop superstardom that continues to this day.

Now, with a good music career and an entry into reality TV, where he became more of a household name, the hustle didn’t stop as the Harlem native ventured into his entrepreneurial spirit and went into several different avenues from acting and fashion, and several other ventures. He was previously involved in the spirits business with Sizzurp Liquor but has re-entered as he recently connected with Lue Jade as a Brand Ambassador for Lue Cognac and Jade Sparkling Wine.

I got the chance to speak to Jones to discuss his plans as he intends to make both brands household names.

With his recent partnership with Lue Jade, Jones gets another chance to hone the skills he learned before and incorporate new ideas he has to expand on the brand as the product is currently available in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. With Jones’ help and guidance, the company anticipates being available in all major markets within the next year. Jones understands the spirits game a little more since his first go-round with Sizzurp. He is confident that he’s more prepared this time around.

“I wasn’t as knowledgeable as I needed to be when I first got into the game with the liquor business. I mean, I understand what marketing is because I’m an artist and that’s one of the main things that that you’re taught in the business when it comes to promoting who you are is the marketing.

“Coming back, like everything comes back full circle. So now I’m ready to attack with everything that I didn’t do before and cover all my bases. It should be fun. We gotta put the work in, but we got a bunch of dope ideas. Our creative ideas that we’re gonna start implementing.”

With Jones still doing shows, making appearances and just being Jim Jones, the opportunity to cross-promote the brand will be a natural for the Harlem native.

“Of course, cross-promotion is one of the biggest parts of marketing that we have. To be able to use my likeness with the brand and make it come, make it pop. So anything that I do, most likely, you going to see a couple of bottles around me and everywhere we go from now on.”

And although Jones lives the life of a rock star, he states you don’t have to be one to afford to purchase Lue and Jade. The price point for Lue Cognac is $29.99 for the VS and $44.99 for the VSOP. Jade Sparkling Wine ranges from $14.99 to $17.99.

“It’s a cost-effective brand. We still selling luxury and great taste at the same time. We’re not trying to tap nobody’s pocket. We want everybody to come outside and enjoy it and have a hell of a time.”

No doubt, you WILL see Lue and Jade around the right parties and events and Jones will represent the brands in the right way to generate interest and sales in the product.

In the meantime, Jones, being from Harlem, of course, is not stopping his hustle. You will see him on the small screen (with aspirations to make it to the big screen as well), he’s gearing up to showcase an upcoming digital platform, and marijuana is another business plan. Although there are several other things on tap, no doubt, Jones is going nowhere and will be working on some things that you will know of, even if you don’t know that he is behind it. The life of a Harlem hustler never stops. Jim is a partner of Saucey Extracts. He launched Quarantine Studios during the pandemic. He also has Vamp Fit, VL-mobile communication service, Vampire Life Clothing as well as the VampBerry beverage brand.  

In the meantime, you can catch Jones on “The Drip Report featuring Weavahman Jim” on Revolt TV. 

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