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Hill Harper Introduces Black-owned DigitalWallet The Black Wall Street

Actor and best-selling author, Hill Harper has announced the launch of North America’s first Black-owned digital wallet, The Black Wall Street.

Harper’s announcement of The Black Wall Street (TBWS) is the first major step in trying to close the racial wealth gap that is in the United States. This is the first Black-owned digital wallet and cryptocurrency exchange platform in the country and Harper is trying to lay the foundation to build the world’s largest investment and financial literacy curriculum and toolkit for Black and Latinx communities across the diaspora.

The Black Wall Street DigitalWallet, which is the first of its kind, will connect financial services with the populations that are financially underserved, everyone from the disadvantaged “unbanked and underbanked” to the savvy cost-efficient consumer. The sole purpose of Black Wall Street is to provide Black and Brown communities the chance to be involved with cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.

“Our technology seeks to replicate the brick and mortar Black Wall Street, as a digital ecosystem that will galvanize the financially excluded and directly stimulate the economic growth and spending in marginalized communities everywhere,”  Harper said in a written statement.

Starting next month, The Black Walk Street will embark on a 30-market financial literacy campaign with “The Digital Financial Revolution” National Bus Tour that will kick off in Los Angeles, California, and will end on Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This will be done in partnership with Najah Roberts, a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange expert. While in Tulsa, the tour stop will start on the evening of May 31st, 2021, and go through June 1st during the same hours, from 100 years ago, that the Tulsa race-riot & massacre occurred.

Najah Roberts says, “To address an ecosystem of problems, a tech-based ecosystem of solutions is required. We are – and always have been – our own empowerment ecosystem. We’re now creating the digitized and scalable version of the original Black Wall Street. This has always been for us and by us – it’s time to reclaim that space. Just like anything it starts with education. Our measurement of impact is improved financial literacy in the Black & Latinx communities.”

The tour will visit thirty communities throughout the country introducing financial literacy and cryptocurrency to people and gifting millions of Satoshis (fractile shares of Bitcoin).

“With the Black Wall Street technology, we seek to make obsolete payday lenders and other financial predators plaguing our communities, while simultaneously creating cross-generational wealth transfer, for people who have historically been taught to work for our wages instead of making our wages work for us…because Black Cash Matters,” Harper said.

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