Jamie Foxx Discusses Health Scare In Phoenix

Jamie Foxx Discusses Health Scare In Phoenix

After suffering a major health scare last year, multi-entertainer Jamie Foxx finally opened up about what he went through during that scary time.

Although he doesn’t get into specifics about his condition, which, at the time, left fans and media speculating about the seriousness of it since there were no public responses to what was going on with him at the time. The discussion took place in Phoenix and the video clip was shared on TikTok by a user named Dr. Brenda Combs.

“April 11 last year, I had a bad headache, asked my boy for an Advil,” Foxx said. “I was gone for 20 days. I don’t remember anything.” After snapping his fingers for emphasis, he then states, “So, I’m in Atlanta, my sister and my daughter took me to the first doctor. He said nah, gave me a cortisone shot. Next doctor said, ‘Something’s going on up there.’ I won’t say it on camera.”

The clip ends before he finishes the conversation with the people listening in.

@drbrendacombs Saw @Jamie Foxx ☑️ in downtown Phoenix today. He said April 11th 2023 he had a bad headache and asked a friend for an Advil. Woke up 20 days later with no memory of what happened😢🙏🏽His resilience is truly inspiring! 🙏#JamieFoxx #Inspiration #Hope #nevergiveup ♬ original sound – Dr Brenda Combs

In April 2023, the media started reporting that the “In Living Color” alum was hospitalized for an undisclosed illness. His daughter, Corinne, posted on her Instagram account confirming that her father was recovering after the medical emergency. Word of his health scare started popping up one day after the comedian was photographed in Atlanta on the set for his Netflix film Back in Action.

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