Christal Jordan Jennings Joins Lenox & Parker as Editor-in-Chief

Christal Jordan Jennings Joins Lenox & Parker as Editor-in-Chief

Award-winning Journalist and Author Christal Jordan Jennings joins Lenox & Parker as Editor-in-Chief

Christal Jordan Jennings leaves Rolling Out after serving ten years as Contributing Editor & Director of Creative Partnerships

July 10, 2024

(Los Angeles, CA) Award-winning journalist and best-selling author Christal Jordan Jennings announced today that she has accepted the role of Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles-based culture and hospitality magazine, Lenox & Parker. Jennings recently resigned after 10 years as a contributing Writer/Host and Director for rolling out magazine. “This was a bittersweet decision,” Jordan admits. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with rolling out and have much respect for publisher Munson Steed. I believe it is so important that we as a community own and share our stories from a firsthand perspective. This opportunity gives me a chance to be a co-owner of a powerful platform which makes all the difference for me at this point in my career. Lenox & Parker is a Black-owned publication and allows me as a writer to celebrate our cultural legacies in a much different way. I feel blessed to have been a part of rolling out’s voice over the last decade and I’m beyond excited to help create and shape and own the voice of Lenox & Parker.”

Jennings lists several highs during her time with rolling out, including last year’s viral moment with Jada Pinkett Smith and the opportunity to highlight Ava Duvernay’s ‘Origin’. “I’ve had numerous career highlights with rolling out, including the interview last year with Jada Pinkett-Smith that went viral, and several others. My most memorable would probably be my interviews with the legendary Cicely Tyson, and living legends Jenifer Lewis and Phylicia Rashad. I have no regrets, only excitement surrounding my next chapter,” Jennings shares. “One of the things I was most proud of was cover stories that felt like an ode to the ones I grew up savoring as a young girl eagerly opening a copy of Essence in my mailbox. Lenox & Parker gives me the opportunity to create beautiful cover stories that feel like the ones that motivated me to become a writer.”

Lenox & Parker’s mission includes the five tenents, food & tavel, humanity, culture, lifestyle & music. Publisher Victor Flavius says he created the platform to ensure Black history continues to be celebrated in real time. He says adding Jordan was a move in the right direction for the platform. “We are happy to welcome our newest Editor-in-Chief, Christal Jordan Jennings. With her impressive background as an author and publicist, Christal brings a wealth of experience and creativity to our team. We are excited to see her vision and leadership shape the future of our magazine, inspiring our readers and setting new standards of excellence in every edition. Here’s to an exciting new chapter under her exceptional leadership,” Flavius says.

Jordan’s experience and commitment to integrity are reasons he was convinced she was the right candidate for the magazine. “We’re not chasing pop culture, we’re celebrating Black culture in its entirety,” he explains. “Our headlines and features don’t mimic what is seen on gossip blogs. Lenox & Parker was birthed from a time when Black culture was more than a salacious piece of celebrity gossip. We believe our readers want and deserve to see unapologetic Black excellence.”

Flavius says Jennings is a needed addition to the magazine’s future success. “Christal has a love for Black literature and our community as a whole. She has freelanced for us over the last few years and with us moving into a more competitive space, we are happy to have her bring her expertise and passion Lenox & Parker. We believe her authenticity and passion for highlighting Black culture is the voice we need for Editor-in-Chief,” Flavius says.

Jennings officially steps into her new role on Monday, July 22nd. “I’ve been able to work with some great publicists, agencies, specifically entertainment multicultural departments over the last ten years. I look forward to continuing to work with the people I’ve built these relationships with to continue sharing our stories. I believe this role will allow me to share, celebrate, educate and inform at a higher level. The goal is to carve out a place in today’s Black media space that resonates with a Black Renaissance, titled, Lenox & Parker,” Jordan shares.

Her first order of business is creating a new cover integration for the magazine. “Our cover strategy is innovative and includes AI as we are including storytelling along with celebrating talent in a more comprehensive way. Our current hospitality partner allows us to access guests for Hilton hotels across the country,” Jennings explains.

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