T-Pain’s Biggest Song, ‘I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper)’ Was Actually A Joke

T-Pain Gives Props to David Banner and Killer Mike For Inspiring Him To Make Better Business Moves

Music producer and artist T-Pain, who has blessed us with his musical talent over the years has been building his business empire whenever he isn’t in the studio creating hits. He credits the likes of two other Hip-Hop artists who have shaped his mindset to be a successful entrepreneur.

In an exclusive interview with AfroTech, T-Pain talks about Killer Mike and David Banner being the inspiration for his entrepreneurial spirit. The fact that people who have taken the same career path and he can relate to them gives him enough to want to be as successful as they are in business.

“David Banner, Killer Mike, you know people that look like me that have done this on their own and succeeded, those are my biggest inspirations,” said T-Pain.

Like many artists before him, as much money as the producer has made, he wasn’t watching his funds the way he should have. But, he has said that he now watches his money the correct way and he’s learned from his financial hurdles and he knows how to manage his funds in a way that he will have future success.

He now states that with the gaming experience you mostly see him doing now, he actually brings in more income from the gaming industry than he is bringing in the music industry.

His business sense is due to what has been done in the past with his finances and in part, looking up to the aforementioned artists that he has learned.

The fact that those two entertainers have turned what they do into becoming successful businessmen have played an integral part in the way he now looks at his own career.

“David Banner came from music, went to speaking, started his own production company and he just went down all these routes on his own,” said T-Pain. “Those are the people I admire, especially if they look like me.”

T-Pain Gives Props to David Banner and Killer Mike For Inspiring Him To Make Better Business Moves

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