After Threats Of Being Sued For $8 Million By Ye, Social Media Influencer YesJulz Responds

After Threats Of Being Sued For $8 Million By Ye, Social Media Influencer YesJulz Responds

After Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West threatened to sue a social media influencer over the weekend, she responded defiantly to the threat of being sued for $8 million.

According to HipHopDx, the combative Ye has gone public and accused social media influencer, Julianne Goddard, also known to the masses as YesJulz of violating an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and threatened to sue her for $8 million for doing so. Ye posted a message to his Instagram account on Sunday, March 17 stating she “repeatedly, intentionally, and grossly” violated their agreement.

“Julianne Goddard has repeatedly, intentionally, and grossly violated the terms of her Non-Disclosure Agreement with Claimants, including publicly disclosing corporate sales figures, social media strategies, text messages with Ye and management, release plans for the Vultures album and product designs before release.” the document read in part before adding her behavior was, “hurtful, hateful, and destructive.”

Previous to Ye disclosing that above-referenced notice, it was reported that the music producer cut ties with her when she was sent an email last week.

The email was allegedly sent by Yeezy chief of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos.

“Dear Ms. Goddard, enclosed please find a letter and statement of account from your time with Yeezy. Fines incurred to date as a result of your NDA violations come to $7.7m.”

She originally responded to the email publicly on X.

She also claims she never signed an NDA with the company.

“Are you a little dense? i did not sign the NDA”

According to XXL, the original dispute allegedly involved YesJulz reaching out to Ye fan pages asking them if they’d like to work with her in developing a “Yeezy Universe” app for free. Although she admitted that her plans were not approved by Ye, she insisted that the rapper “sees and hears everything. He knows how active you’ve been. I know sometimes it might feel like you might be working all day, every day, and you’re work is not being seen or recognized.”

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