Christian Deshun "DemandTheArt"

Christian Deshun “DemandTheArt”

Christian Deshun "DemandTheArt"

Shreveport born, L.A. based rapper Christian Deshun releases his new EP “DemandTheArt”, a project he recorded exclusively on his iPod Touch:

Making of the EP video:

We greatly appreciate any coverage you can provide “DemandTheArt.”

Christian on his inspiration behind the project:

“This project was created with the intent to inspire creatives all around the world. “DemandTheArt” (or #DemandArtistry) was something my big brotha Soul created – something we both felt was lacking from music nowadays”

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Christian on recording exclusively on his iPod Touch:

“Living in Los Angeles, recording sessions can be quite expensive. I got tired of paying $200-$300 per session. I figured they would have an App for recording, and they did! It took me about a month to record and I did it while at my 9-5 – mic set-up and everything.”

Christian previously gained notoriety when he leased a beat from producer Knxwledge for his “Simplicity EP” that Kendrick Lamar ended up using for the song “Momma” off his Grammy award winning “To Pimp A Butterfly” album.

Connect with Christian:

tumblr: ChristianDeshun.Com


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