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10/6/16 Good Reads Ahead…

…You’ve been sitting around scratching your head and arguing with yourself about what to get everyone during the upcoming holidays, and with such big fall & winter sales days pending. 

What’s the ideal stocking stuffer? One that doesn’t smell like Axe™ this year or even something cheeky like Poo~Pourri™ but instead resonates with the cerebral senses.

You needn’t fret because Amazon has just officially published the rivetingpage-turningmemoir-lacedindustry go-to book for all seasons. What better way to resolve toward success in 2017 than with this valuable tome written by media master, Angelo Ellerbee.

Why, pray tell, would you want or need a 127 page book written by such an elegantly appointed PR guru?

  1. Because it tells you an important story, not just about the entertainment industry then and now but about the socio-cultural backdrop of significant music eras. 
  2. It speaks to the struggling artist and their equally struggling handlers alike (and may even save their bacon). 
  3. It talks directly to the directionless, manger-seeking upstart, while it reassures the talents long-held by industry vets reinventing their own. 
  4. It educates any seeker who stands at the door of any business, all dressed for the show yet about to be given the business.

It’s also…

funny and succinctly brilliant. (Besides if NASA has now screwed up everyone’s astrological charts {click here if you missed that: http://the-daily.buzz/nasa-astrological-signs-changed/ }, does that mean we are all a month late on the new birth-day sentiments? If so, what a nice way to catch up with this compelling book, all wrapped up with the best of intentions.

Grab a Kindle Version for just $3.99 today. (Readable on iPhones, iPads, all Kindle versions, and other devices)

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