Lita Lewis: ‘I decided that pursuing a career in health and fitness is my calling’

Lita Lewis: ‘I decided that pursuing a career in health and fitness is my calling’

Lita Lewis: ‘I decided that pursuing a career in health and fitness is my calling’

Originally published on The Industry Cosign December 17, 2014

Having a presence on social media is a must these days in order to be successful, in any line of work. When you are the brand and what you display is what people will be drawn to, it’s vital to take advantage of that and with tools like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, there is no excuse. But, you don’t have to tell that to Lita Lewis, personal fitness trainer. With her Follow The Lita brand, she has taken the cyber world by storm!

With the perfect marriage of motivation and fitness being the keys to her success, there is no doubt that this rising star will be rising more. The Industry Cosign was able to grab some of this busy motivator’s attention so she can discuss how she got her start in fitness, what she has going on for now and in the future and what she would be doing if it had nothing to do with staying fit.

How did you get into bodybuilding and how long did it take you to get the sculpted look you have?

I was approached in the gym by a guy that asked me what I was training for. I told him I was simply training for life! He laughed and said, “Excuse me, but it looks like you’re training for a comp.” We ended up speaking about the sport of bodybuilding. I later went home, opened my laptop and started researching. I was immediately consumed by what I found and the athletes I saw and decided that very evening that I wanted to compete. It has taken me roughly two years to build the physique I carry today.

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When did you decide to pursue it as a career and what motivates you to continue to do so?

January of this year, that is when I was all in. I decided that pursuing a career in health and fitness is my calling. What motivates me to continue pursuing is maintained by my love to share, to lead and educate others on the benefits of leading a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. I don’t look at it as work, because I truly love doing what I do and therefore the motivation I have is geared towards wanting to be great, be trusted and be an amazing role model to my peers and others.

What methods would you use to encourage someone who wants to get fit but lacks the motivation?

I always start with a conversation. Most people that continuously lack motivation are usually prone to self doubt, have a fear of failing and at times lack self esteem. I love to remind my clients that fear only exists when you accept that it does. That if you truly want to reach a goal, there shouldn’t be anything that will pull you off track. Focus, resiliency, and a unyielding work ethic! A little tough love can go a long way, and I’m not one to shy from using it!

What is “Follow The Lita” and what motivated you to start it?

Follow The Lita is a little play on words that I use across my social media platforms. It came about from being the eldest of three daughters, my parents insisted that I always move knowing I have two younger sisters that look up to me, and therefore I must lead by example by doing the right thing. I think Follow The Lita is not only a good representation of the brand I am building, but it is also serves as a humble reminder that I must continue to build with integrity.

What advice would you give anyone who wants to become a motivator like you?

Motivate others by first showing them that you are a leader, a leader that can say, I walked the path and gained a world of experience! Personally, I’ve never been motivated by taking advice from somebody that gives it from the couch, instead I’m most motivated and influenced by those that have done, seen, learned, grown and experienced things that I too am interest in pursuing. And therefore, my advice is to first be a leader with experience!

You want to be authentic and genuine as possible. Share the truth and do so with an open mind and a humble heart. Keep it 100!

Do you have any other businesses you are involved in or would like to do?

I am a brand ambassador for, a fitness lifestyle brand and I’m currently working with them to release my own line of apparel starting with women’s tanks. I’m also a part of the team,, a booking platform designed specifically to help Trainers streamline their business. I’m currently working on other ventures that I’m passionate about that combine group fitness activities with a healthy eating experience, I’m excited about dropping all info once things are locked and loaded!

Is there a difficult part of your job?

No, not at all. I am a very blessed, I get to do what I love each day!

Fitness is your lifestyle as well as your business, how do you separate the two? How is business handled as opposed to how you handle your own fitness?

There is no separating the two, they are one. That is the beauty of being able to do what I love, they merge together and work like a happy marriage. My business must always align with my lifestyle because it was founded from my lifestyle!

If this wasn’t your business, what would you be doing for work?

Outside of my love for fitness, I love children and I love art. I studied fine arts and design and have always used art as an expression of self creativity. I think if I wasn’t in the health and fitness space I would be working as an art herapist, specifically with children with special needs. I think that line of work would be challenging, stimulating, and satisfying, all advantages that I gain from what I currently do.

If you can do anything over in life, what would it be and why?

I don’t think there is anything I’d like to do over in life. I don’t live with regret, I am fully aware that what happens to me happens for a specific reason, that we all have a journey to walk and that path won’t always be a straight and even one but one that prepares us for what’s to come. However, I think if I could go back in time I would want to tell my younger self to be fully immersed in each moment of life. To marinate in significant moments and pay more attention to everything happening in that moment. I think there were things I missed, and therefore lessons I left behind. So in short, the only thing I’d do over is increase my awareness of everything and everyone in my life at that given time.

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