University of Michigan's 'Fab Five' Reunite at Crisler Center

University of Michigan’s ‘Fab Five’ Reunite at Crisler Center

There was a time when five freshman basketball players took the world by storm as we rarely see a college team have all five starters be first-year players. University of Michigan’s Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson were so good that in the 1991–92 season, they became the first all-freshman team to start in the NCAA title game. They were affectionately called the “Fab Five.” The five players reunited in Michigan for the first time since they played together at the school.

According to CBS Sports, the five former teammates gathered at the recent University of Michigan basketball game to support Wolverines head coach Howard and their alma mater on Monday, Jan. 15 against the Ohio State Buckeyes at the Crisler Center.

Ray Jackson was the only player who did not make it to the NBA, while Rose, Webber, and Howard had substantial careers in the league, and King, who did play for two NBA teams had a long career in the now-defunct CBA (Continental Basketball Association).

“It’s really cool to be here, but it’s better to be here as family,” Webber said. “If it took 100 years, I’d wait that long to be here, sincerely. So it feels great.”

ESPN reported that after the five players made it to the Final Four two straight years, 1992 and 1993, years later, the NCAA revoked their banners after it was alleged that Webber accepted money from a booster. The players ended up feuding, specifically Webber and Rose over the years, which put this reunion in doubt from the eyes of people who were close to the players.

After the game, Howard did speak about the five of them appearing together at the place they made history together.

“Family always support family,” Howard said. “You see what the real ones are. The real ones come out when things are a little bit rough. The real ones don’t run away. And the real Michigan fans that support this team right here, you’re looking at them.”

Howard coached the Wolverines to a 73-65 win.

University of Michigan’s ‘Fab Five’ Reunite at Crisler Center

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