The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Olivia Dikambi

The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Olivia Dikambi

Originally published on The Industry Cosign April 22.2015
Title: Founder/ President
Company: I AM PR Agency, LLC
Location: Atlanta, GA

Olivia Dikambi is an expert publicist with over 6 years of experience handling clients and press on the world stage. With a degree from La Sorbonne in Paris, France, in mass communications and PR, Olivia humbly started her career when she moved to NYC. Between going to Hunter College to pursue her bachelors, working at Famous Fish Market in Harlem, and baby sitting on the side, she found time to take on some pro bono clients and make a name for herself. She quickly created a reputation for herself in NYC as the hardest working PR, helping many indie rappers and bands reach levels never before heard of. In 2009, she started I AM PR Agency, LLC, with a focus on giving up and coming bands the keys to success by consulting them on how best to grow their business as well as helping them secure press placements they couldn’t do on their own. In the last 6 years, she has quickly grown her company to over 200 clients, and secured over 3000 media placements across the world – including MTV, BET,, Al Jazeera, France 24, The Source, XXL, and just about any outlet you can think of. Olivia commits to the founding philosophies of I AM PR Agency : Commitment, Consistency, Authenticity, and Passion. She is hard wired to be “The Key To Your Success!”

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