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Celebrity Chef Jerome Brown: ‘Cooking in the Army is One of the Toughest Jobs to Ever Have’

Passion typically pushes us to excel at what we love and there are those who

5 Questions With… Ben Merlis

When Hip Hop first started gaining commercial success, no one had a clue how it

Markuann Smith: “Don’t Look at My Breakthrough, Look at What I’ve Been Through”

Markuann Smith knows exactly how it feels to persevere in the entertainment industry and create

Dave Anderson: “You Have to be Willing to Fail Over and Over and Over Again”

Being a bully has never been something to strive for. It hasn’t been a good

Anthony ONeal: ‘I Want to Help People Avoid the Student Loan Trap Altogether’

Student loan debt may seem like it’s a way of life these days. But it

Papa Joe Aviance: ‘Establish Your Brand’

Papa Joe Aviance is not most people! The serial entrepreneur always does things his way.

Raheem DeVaughn: ‘I Am Very Involved in my Business from Day-To-Day’

Working in a creative field typically takes its toll on people’s talent and vision at

5 Questions With… Ali Caldwell

Opportunity is all anyone needs to get the chance to prove themselves. Particularly in the

Jaz-O Is… Legendary

The Business of Hip Hop has grown so much over the years that few predicted

5 Questions With… Tyler Dumont

Obstacles and distractions can break people. The intricacies of life can complicate matters and throw

DJ Ron G Is… Legendary

Hip Hop is always evolving, whether you feel it’s good or bad, will be debatable

On the Menu, Ep. 1 | Speed Rack

Hella Cocktail Co. presents On the Menu, a series of unfiltered conversations with renowned bartenders,

5 Questions With… Anthony Burrell

What do you do after being successful with your craft and want to help others?

Smack Talks Summer Madness

Terrell Blair interviews Smack as he talks about his levels of longevity in the Rap

Freeway Rick Ross Breaks Down The Definition of Snitching

Terrell Blair interviews Rick Ross regarding his new book and the concept of hustling. He


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