Canadians Asking Who Will Pay Security Bill for Megxit

MzHanaG After the news of Queen Elizabeth II‘s support of Prince Harry and wife Meghan

It Needs To Be CED: ‘Us’

I guess you can consider me an old head in terms of the Hip Hop

Kill Your Doubt! – #DailyAshpiration January 16, 2019

Kill Your Doubt! – #DailyAshpiration January 16, 2019 #DailyAshpiration – Kill Your Doubt! Happy Wins-Day

Say No to Plan B!! – #DailyAshpiration January 14, 2019

#DailyAshpiration – Say No to Plan B! Great morning my friends, family and significant others!

It Needs to be CED: ‘Wait, There’s Still Racism in America?’

It is one of the most idiotic statements and/or thoughts for people to actually believe

Enjoy the Ride! – Daily Word

Welcome to the day that you realize that everything happens for a reason and that

Just Give Up Already! – Daily Word

Happy Weekend my Saints, Aints, and Somewhere in Betweens! Welcome to the day that you

Keep The Change!! – Daily Word February 15, 2017

[#AshCashWisdom] – Happy Wins-Day my persistent and powerful! Welcome to the day that you make

Jay Smooth: We Need To Talk About That Donald Trump Press Conference

How we all must adapt, to the Chardee Macdennis era of American politics. http://facebook.com/illdoctrine http://twitter.com/jsmooth995

Don’t Stop!! – Daily Word

[#AshCashWisdom] – TGI….Everyday!! Welcome to the end of a wonderful week but still the beginning

Win at Life! – Daily Word December 14, 2016

Wonderful Winning Wins-Day my destined and determined! Welcome to the day that you realize that

Do What it Takes! – Daily Word December 8, 2016

Happy Thursday my soldiers and survivors! Welcome to the day that is the most important…..

Only If You Believe!! – Daily Word

Welcome to the final stretch of 2016! Days until the New Year, New YOU! Today’s

Accept Your Blessings – Daily Word November 28, 2016

Happy Monday my Blessed and Highly Favored! Welcome to the start of a wonderful week

The Industry Cosign Podcast: Episode 5- The Election Edition

MD Speaks opens up this Cosign discussing an unfortunate racially charged incident that occurred in


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